Friday, September 19, 2014

Back again, however...

So after much brainstorming and introspection I have decided to continue working on the game. Real life was throwing (is throwing?) me a curve ball, so the last thing on my mind was working on the game.

I felt pressure to not only make a good game, but make a good game quickly. Honestly maybe I let myself get burnt out. But long story short, here I am again. Rockin' like a hurricane!

Anyways, during my downtime I considered to make a non-hentai version of Bond of Blood. But when I did it, it felt like something was missing. Of course, since the game was designed from the ground up to be a hentai game, that is to be expected.

However, the idea stuck with me. And before I knew it I something planned out that I feel is good. I'll explain later as I get more of it done.

So basically I am now working on a new game that uses the same title as the last project, but the game is quite different. This new Bond of Blood will not be a hentai game, and will be much more light hearted then the previous version of the game.

Additionally, the new version will have a male protagonist, taking place before the town is attacked and occupied. This leaves open the possibility of this new version being a prequel to the older version.

So there you have it. The next post I make should make everything more clear.

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