Friday, January 9, 2015

Back again!

Greetings to whoever is reading this. After not updating for a decade it seems, here is an update.

 Balinda Pryce, my music guy's character, is just about finished. All that's left is her captive animation. Being a allied soldier, she is a design that I needed to finish anyways. I also plan to do a palette swap and edit her into a new enemy type.

In addition to walking up to a ally and hitting spacebar to swap, you can now also press the [V] key to cycle though available characters. This new feature largely eliminates the need to backtrack though the level to swap characters like you need to in the past.

With the game's title being Bond of Blood, there was a surprising lack of family unity in the game. Sure I had made Wendy's mother a playable character, but what about the rest of her family? And is merely making them playable the answer?

Well taking a cue for Lost Vikings, I plan to have Wendy and a few members of her family not only be playable but also have a unique skill or ability. For example Wendy will be the only character that can double jump. Her mother will be under to slide through small tunnels. I plan to have two more playable family members.

Wendy and the 3 family members will always be available at the state of each level. And because you have clear goals such as 'save all captives' or 'kill all enemies', I will redesign the levels so that player has to swap characters to get to all the targets. 

Again, like Lost Vikings, if any of the four family members die, it will result in a game over. The main reason for this is that player doesn't because stuck and unable to clear a level because the character they need to swap to has already died.

Captives you save can still be used. Moreover they can fall in combat without resulting in a game over.

I am currently working on add Wendy's mother to the game. I had already added her to an early build of the game, so it's not like I am starting from scratch. However, adding the two other family members will be a pain... but I gotta do it. By the way, you'll cycle though family members with the [A] key. 
I have improved the 'standing up while fucking/raping' animations. I something that always bothered me was that a normal guy couldn't hold a woman up by her arms and fuck her like that. Unless he was superman, the woman's weight would be an issue. 

The new version if a bit more believable as he now has his arms wrapped around her hips/thighs. I am happy with the change, but it means I need to go back replace all the old versions with the new version.

In case you forgot, Wendy can be grabbed by the enemy and have her clothes ripped off. The 3rd time she is grabbed she get's raped and it's game over. Currently she is the only one with the extra gameplay. (In other words, other female character's don't get raped or have their clothes ripped.) However, I plan to change that. Her mother and sister(s) would also have the same gameplay.

Ideally, I'd like to do it for all female characters but that would take forever. On another note, I still have forgotten about the idea of having an allied character that can strip female enemies.

A major hold up has been writing the dialog for all the characters. Lately I have been considering 'dumbing down' the story so there would be simply less to write. I love drama as much as the next guy, but I am reminded of the fact there are people that just want to play the game to see boobies.
That and the time I save I can be drawing or coding.

So there you have it. It's good to be back. I hope my next update won't be so far off, but who can say. Please leave a comment if you are still interested in my game. Thank you.

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