Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Double jumping for fun and profit

So I just added the code to allow Yong (and only him) to double jump. I also slightly increased his normal jump strength. This ensures that he can get to areas that others can't.

Glancing over my last post, I realized that as it stands most players will just shoot the female enemies, not being aware I busted my ass to make a striping system (and optional rape animations). But there is an easy fix for that; put the female enemies in places only Yong can reach. This greatly increases the chance of the player triggering the stripping animation.

Of course after double jumping your way up to a high platform as Yong, you can always swap to a different character and shoot the female enemy. And Yong has a gun of his own. But I think being smart about the placement of enemies is important. I need to give the player a reason to double jump or Yong becomes just another dude with a gun.

Anyways the cargo boxes in the screenshot will be replaced with a better looking platform. That was just to quickly test the code.

I decided that Seo-yun will be able to slide under low platforms. And she already has a move that can one hit kill male enemies as long as she has enough Ki/Chi. (Rather then having ammo, she has a limited amount of Ki/Chi that allows her to do very powerful melee attacks.)

But what about Wendy? To be honest I am still not sure what her special skill is. I have a lot of ideas, but I can't really decide on one. Being the main character, I think she needs something really amazing.

And then I was also thinking of adding a 4th and final playable family member. I am leaning towards Wendy's younger sister, Hana. But she would also need a cool skill as well.

Hmm, need to brainstorm some more..

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