Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Street justice

In nearly every hentai game in which you control a heroine, there is a very high likelihood she will have her clothes ripped and/or be raped. ''Well, duh. It's a hentai game.'' But what if you flip it? What if you played as a male hero that could strip and fuck female enemies?

And with that in mind I present to you a new character, Yong Park. He is Wendy's older brother.
While I am still in the process of finalizing the gameplay details, I can tell you a little bit about him. He will be the only character to double jump and he will be armed with a M16. As I said above, he will be also be able to liberate females from their tight military uniforms.

The reasoning is a guy that can both fearlessly stare down the barrel of  gun and rip off your clothes with his bare hands isn't someone you'd want to pick a fight with. Yong forcing these enemies to surrender would save the player ammo they would have spent trying to  shoot the enemy normally.

Enemies that has surrendered are no longer a threat but, they count towards your kill count. (You might remember my game has set goals, such as 'Kill all enemies'.) 

But they problem is being a rapist really isn't Yong's style. But the player might not give two damns about that and want to rape all the female enemies he sees. So my solution is a total optional rape button. The rape animation will only occur is the player presses it. And it will be a few keys away from the default action keys. That way there is little chance by pressing it by mistake. 

This the act of Yong forcing himself on a woman is what could be called 'extreme fan service'. In other words, no matter how many times the player causes the animation to appear, Yong, the character would have never actually done it once, story wise. 

When making hentai animations sometimes it just easier to magically remove some of the female's clothing beforehand. Because she is often in the process of being raped, one would assume her clothes were ripped off prior to the animation playing.

My famous 'fuck her standing up' animation had the female totally nude. I was proud of how I had made her feet animate, to be honest. lol But then it hit me; would a rapist remove a female's shoes and socks before doing the deed? 

So I thought I'd try to draw the female still having her shows on but with her pants and panties pulled down. Thankfully, the pulled down clothes down obstruct the view of the violation. 
I commissioned Miyu Nagase to draw two game over pics of Seo Yun. One after being killed, and another after being raped. Here is the death version;
He gives me a good deal on black and white drawings such as these. I already added it to the game, even though Seo-yun's sprites still got a long way to go, the code is in place her here to get both game overs. 

And that's about all for now. I hope to have a new and greatly improved demo out next month. But working a full time job now, it's hard to say. Later!

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