Monday, February 16, 2015

Another update

Howdy. I thought I should post another update, so here goes.

I changed the opening scene so the player can jump right into the action. Before Wendy had to talk to her father before before the player could advance to the first battle. Needless to say, if you couldn't find him and talk to him, you were stuck.

So I not only took him out of his room but also made him the person you talk to launch missions. I also made the hotel smaller by placing the rooms' doors closer together. This translates to less time the player spends running around.

I am nearly done adding the first 'family party system' I was talking about in my last post. There will also be two more playable characters; Wendy's older and younger sisters, Bora and Nari.

This family party system starts the player out with Wendy and 3 other characters that are related to her by blood. These characters all have either special skills that are required to clear the mission and/or personal goals they need to preform.

Here is a quick list of the family members, as shown in the picture from left to right;

Mr. Park 
non playable
talk to him to start the next mission

Wendy Park
skill: blowing up brick walls with bombs
goal: recruit two enemy soldiers to her side
weapon: grease gun

Mrs. Park
skill: sliding under low platforms
goal: n/a
weapon: kung ku

Bora Park
skill: on missions with poison gas, she dons a gas mask. can safely travel and fight in gas filled areas
goals: n/a
weapon: machine gun with affixed bayonet

Yong Park
skill: double jumping
goal: steal 3 panties from female enemy soldiers (yes, seriously lol)
weapon: assault rifle

not shown
Nari Park
skill: n/a
goal: murder 3 enemy soldiers that have surrendered
weapon: twin knifes

So as you can see there are 5 playable family members. But the most you can have at any one time in a mission is 4. So on different missions I will mix up the party a bit, to keep things interesting.

Currently I have a mission with Wendy, Seo-yun, and Yong fully playable. I am planning to post a new demo once I get Bora finished. I need to finish her animations and her code, but hopefully I will get her done in a week or two. It really depends on how much free time I have.

In other news, this is Yok's OC, Lady Aurania. I agreed to put her in my game as a playable character. In exchange he will draw exclusive Lady Aurania art to help promote my game.

As you can see I already finished a basic sprite. She is actually really easy to animate so I should be able to add her soon.  Of course I haven't forgotten about other people's OCs I have offered to add in the past. Then again... if the owners of those other OCs can't even be bothered to leave a message on my blog... can't say I am in a rush to finish them.
So to recap; everything is moving along smoothly. And now I should get to bed. 


  1. i hope your still around man o.o you made the best game ever to me XD

  2. bug my bad didnt mean to send this

  3. this project is dead as well as the creator ...

  4. Did you think up that one all by yourself? *golf clap*

    Try using your head for a moment. Just because I didn't make a new blog post in a while doesn't mean I quit working on the game. I have, in fact, made many improvements, additions, and revisions since this last post.

    Moreover, just because I didn't upload a new demo here doesn't mean a new demo doesn't exist.

    Think outside the box, friend.