Monday, March 28, 2016

Finally!! New demo available!

After seems like ages, I have decided to upload a new demo of my game. This demo includes both a story mode where you can talk to npcs (as well as swap protagonists to get different text) and one battle mission.

click here to download

When in story mode, press the up arrow to talk to npcs. Some npcs, don't have any text. This isn't a bug, I just didn't give them text yet. On the other hand there are some characters with a lot of text. (Try playing as Sarah and talk to her son Phillip.)

The battle mission allows you to play as Wendy, her family members, and other allies to take on the evil North Masian soldiers that have surrounded and invaded her town.

There are goals that must be met in order to clear the mission. Different allies have different skills, and the player needs to swap between them in order to advance.

Press and hold the [V] key to bring up a character select menu. Hover over the character you want, then release [V]. You can also walk next to the character you want to swap to and press the spacebar key.

In order to save captives, simply press the [C] key to do a normal punch attack. Freed captives can be then used in battle.

Wendy has a skill that allows her to convince two enemy soldiers to switch sides. These two new allies aren't directly controlled, but rather run along side Wendy and mimic her movements. This doubles or triples her fire power. (While standing on the ground.)

Bora doesn't have a skill, and has weak defense points. However, she can't be grabbed by enemy soldiers, and when she shoots her gun while laying on the ground she doesn't take damage.

Yong can double jump... and steal female's panties.

Seo-yun can slide under low platforms. She also has a '1 hit kill' move vs male enemy soldiers. Can you figure it out?

 If you download the game please leave some feedback. Doubly so if you've think you've  found a bug.

If you're thinking, 'this is all you've gone done?', I actually have the 2nd story battle nearly finished as well as Kenji's first side mission. Those missions, as well as more content will be added to the next demo.

Anyways, Enjoy!


  1. Hello, just wanted to say that when u jump as Seo-Yun as she is getting raped she disappears but u can still press c and do damage. She can still be grabbed and take bullet fire. The game is nice so far, I really like it.

    1. Thank you for your comment and info about the bug! I believe I just fixed it now, as well as something similar that was happening to Yong when he did the steal panties animation.

      Seo-Yun would also get stuck if you tried slide while in that narrow area with cargo boxes.

      I will upload a demo with these fixes, as well as Kenji's side mission. I'll name it ' demo 21 ', so keep an eye out for it!

  2. Hey Tetsuya, it's been awhile.

    I played the demo a bit but found no notable bugs apart from those mentioned by you and anon above. Apparently Mitsuko and Queen comes back to life at the end of 1st mission even when they were killed in action.

    I've swapped Wendy, Kenji and Dim Sum to tour the hotel. The conversations had me amused. Seemed like every family member is stricken with perversion.

    When ya uploading Kenji's side mission? Also, I can't seem to find Sarah. Which room is she in?

    Seo-yun's flying kick & uppercut are OP. She's fun to play, but runs out of stamina in an instant.

  3. Hello, thank you for your comment, datanony!

    There is no perma-death in the game, so if you just clear the level you're fine. Although now that I think about it, maybe there should be a reward of some kind if you can clear the level without having and losses... I'll see what I can come up with.

    Glad you enjoyed swapping the characters in story mode. It's a lot of extra work, so other then the battles, it was something I really wanted feed back on.

    Sarah and her son are in room 401, which is actually the 5th floor. (This is because Professor Lopez's top secret lab on the 4th floor.)

    Sarah has a lot of text written up for her side story. Not just with her son, but with many npcs as well. She was just fun to write for. haha To advance her story, keep going back and forth between rooms 401 and 407.

    Sarah is the first character that can change her clothes! And she has two outfits! And, the npcs will say something different depending on what she is wearing! So yeah, Sarah's plot is 300% more work, but she has the most text finished... so go figure.

    But that's not all! Before playing as Sarah, go to room 402 to play as yet another character, Apple! She is Professor Lopez's daughter. (Although I didn't give her new text when talking to her mother yet... didn't get to it yet.)

    But playing as her gives a little background info. Namely, once you discover who her father is.

    I just finished bug testing Kenji's side mission now. It's very different from Wendy's missions, because Kenji fights alone. (That way he can take all the credit for victory.)

    Although Yong loves to steal panties, Kenji is much more perverted. His aim to create a harem of MILFs, blackmailing and/or guilt tripping them into becoming his sex slaves!

    The next update will allow you to 'rescue' one MILF!

    I had fun adding Seo yun to the game. I made her OP at first simply to play test her moves, but it was so much fun, I left it like that. To try to add a little balance I gave her the stamina bar.

    With no long range attack, and no way to refill her stamina after its depleted, how useful she is really depends on the player's skills. Btw, you didn't mention her 1 hit kill move, so I'll explain how to do it;

    Jump over a male enemy. As you are falling hold [C]. If you have enough stamina, she will kill him when she lands.

    I think you might already know this, but you can tap into your reserve stamina by holding the down arrow while standing on the ground.

    Seo-yun CAN be assaulted by the male enemies. She will only can only escape their grabs twice. After she is grabbed a third time, she has a game over animation just like Wendy does. For both the helmet and cap enemies.

    Bora has no grab or assaulted animations in that demo yet. However, the I already finished everything for her and the helmet enemy. Like Seo-yun, she will escape twice, then get assaulted.

    I wanted to have it so all the females get their clothes ripped off while in combat like Wendy, but it was taking up too much time. Namely for Seo-yun, but in Bora's case, her huge gun blocks most of her body from view anyways. But I haven't given up on the idea.

    So to answer your question, then next update will be out within the next 24 hours! I want to add more text first, so after I felt like I added enough, I'll post it!

    Thanks for playing, and tell your friends about it!

    1. Looks like you created a new comment instead of 'reply'.

      What is the next plan for Bond of Blood's dev? Having to program the game, then spriting for the many characters and drawing their respective game over screens is lots of work. Not to mention the story and writing too!

      Looks like I missed the bulk of the game with Sarah. Just went through it the story. Went "oh shit" a few times too. With so many characters, family relationships can get complicated very quickly.

      I can't seem to figure out the AI. Their behaviour seemed completely random. Making them switch between left and right quickly refreshes their actions. I found Seo-yun's instakill by accident. It looks like she's ripping dicks. She's ripping dicks right?

      The game over screens looks neat. Did you draw them? I guess the colourless finish is intended? Was wondering where might I see more of your works.

    2. Hello. Yeah, I didn't realize my mistake until a little bit ago. lol

      Yeah, I know there are a lot of people that are into the incest theme, but I know it's a turn off for others. So that's why I made Wendy rather normal, and dumped all the super perverted stuff onto the side characters. Because the side missions are totally unrelated to the main plot, the player will be able to pick and choose the ones they like.

      As for Sarah, I am already planning something more for her. So for her at least, her side quest will have two different endings.

      The gameplay is loosely based on an old super nes game called Blackthorne (which it's self is based on older games like Flashback and Out of this World.) In all three games you have enemies that for the most part act randomly. You can attack them of course, and jump to different platforms to avoid them, but the key point is the ability to hide in the background and wait for the right moment to strike.

      I added the masturbation animation so the player had a chance to get some free hits in. You can also punch them while they are hiding in the background (although I need to greatly increase the normal punch damage.) The enemies don't jump either. They could all be easily avoided, however it's your mission to kill all of them.

      So you have to deal with them, but I give the player a lot of freedom as to how they go about doing it. I also take a cue from a game called The Lost Vikings, and give the player to ability to control different characters with different skills. You can also gain and immediately use new allies in combat, much like the Lego video games.

      And just like the Lego games, allies you unlocked on the current level will also be available for the next and following levels. That's what's taking so long. Well that and the text. haha Anyways, it's a crazy amount of work to do, but I enjoy it.

      At first the AI resent was a bug. Then I realized how to fix it, and the game got much harder. On the other hand it is very noticeable. So I thought up a compromise; have those current enemies have resent-able AI, but then later create a new enemy type that couldn't be resent, but had less firepower.

      By putting different enemy types next to each other, they can make up for the weaknesses they have. I just haven't gotten to it yet.

      Yes, she's ripping off their dicks. Not a woman you'd want to have as your enemy. lol

      No, I didn't draw the line art. It's by a guy that goes by Miyu Nagase. Normally I'd just link to his web site, like the other links on this blog, but he wants his privacy, so he asked me not to link to it. He gives me a good deals, so I often commission him to do sketches like those found in the game. He can do much more amazing stuff, but I can't afford to pay him to do it at the moment.

      By on the other hand, I like sketches, as they have their own charm. I'm trying to add more of his artwork into the game, not just game over screens. But before that. I need to finish adding more text...

      Who is your favorite character so far, and why?