Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bug fixes with update 2.6

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Okay, this should fix most of the issues;

Bora's punch attack down deals damage
Kenji is no longer floats in the air when doing his downward shot
After dying in battle, the player will be able to try again without having progress reset.
 (If you cleared Wendy's mission, for example, you don't need to do it again if you die on Kenji's)
The player can press the [Esc] key to terminate any conversation and restore player control
Added a new drawing by Miyu Nagase
Added a new drawing by Carlos Cooban
fixed a bug that is triggered when two enemies of the same type are killed at the same time

*Characters using firearms will reload them when they are empty, the character is standing, and the player presses/holds the [x] key.
However you can manually reload by holding down and pressing the [c] key while on the ground.

If you find any more issues let me know.

p.s. There is a Easter egg when playing as Wendy and in her room. Can you find it?


  1. Seo-yun is much more deadlier now with the increased attack speed. I felt like she's most fun to play as now. Wendy probably comes a close second.

    Nice call with the elevator. Definitely helps with the travel time. I think having it in the center would be most strategic?

    The addition of the gameover story is neat too.

    Some bugs I found:
    1. Kenji can keep punch-killing the 2 guards holding the MILF hostage even when they lie on the floor dead.
    2. Kenji: during blowjob with MILF, I can press ESC key and spawn on top of the room, outside the room bounds.
    3. When you jump at exactly the moment you die (by bullet), you don't trigger the death animation until you touchdown. Bora died on me in this manner.

    So we'll get to find out Wendy's power or find the elusive packet of cigarettes soon?

  2. Thanks again for your comments. They really motivate me. That and being made aware of new bugs is always a good thing.

    Yes, I agree; Seo-yun is even deadlier then ever. If you know how to use her you can easily use her to solo the level. However, the fact that she be grabbed and then assaulted keeps her from being too OP, I think.

    1. I'll take a look at this right now. Should be an easy fix.

    2. This is also an easy fix I think.

    3. Okay, this might be a bit harder. I'll see what I can do.

    Haha. I don't want to give anything away, but.. I'll put at least one of them in the next major build of the game. And of course there is a lot of other stuff that's going to progress or be added.

    Okay, I'll see what I can do about those bugs. Thanks again.

  3. I have completed the quest Sarah, but I can not do anything with Philip. Only two options: a striptease and Philip faping to the magazine

  4. Hello, thank you for your comment. That isn't a bug, rather, that's as far as I have currently written/coded for her story.

    Sorry about that. I should make it more clear when the player has reached the end of what is currently available.

    Unlike Kenji and Mrs. Honda, who can do everything from the start, the interaction between Sarah and Phillip was been to be set up in progressive stages. In other words, the player has to knowingly continue to corrupt him.

    However, at that point I thought up the idea for a branching path and I thought that would be a good place to stop. Don't worry. Sarah is one of my favorite characters so more of her story will be added for sure in the next build.

  5. I have completed the quest Sarah, but I can not do anything with Philip. Only two options: a striptease and Philip faping to the magazine

  6. Hey how do you make Seo Yun slide? Stuck here