Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Demo 2.5 !!

Okay, it took a bit longer then I would have liked, but here it is ladies and gentlemen! This new update includes the following;

added a way to quickly move between the 1st and 4th floors in story mode
bug fixes
major bug fix that prevented the player from swapping protags in story mode
added more dialog to the npcs in story mode
increased player's punch damage
increased speed of Seo-yun's main attack by 50%
Bora can now be grabbed by the male enemy wearing the helmet
Added Kenji's side mission
Added hentai art to story mode

Download and enjoy! Please leave comments. Thanks!


  1. Just played the demo, I love the dialogue between the family and the guests at the hotel. Sarah and Bora are my favorite characters so far. Kenji is pretty neat to, but why does he float in the air when I press down and c? I also noticed that Bora's melee attack does no damage, and when I do the one hit kill with Seo-Yun my hit box sometimes stays above the soldier which allows other soldiers on a higher elevation to shoot the hit box. Also I sometimes get stuck when I talk to certain people in the hotel. It happens when I move left or right and press up to talk to the person at the same time. It forces me to restart the game and start all over. That also makes me wonder if there will be a saving system in the game, because when I do get game over it resets all the work done. I'm liking the game but I would say the dialogue between everyone in the hotel is the most interesting to me. I spent most of the time speaking with everyone in the hotel with every character just to see what they would say to each other, which is something I don't normally do. I love it!

    1. Thank you for your comments and bug report! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

      It looks like you found a serious bug. Anything that forces you to restart the game is not cool. The good thing about play testers is that they can often find issues that the devs can't.

      Case in point, I always come to a halt before opening a door or talking to an npcs. I've been unable to recreate the issue so far. I think I know how to deal with it, but I'd like to see it for myself just to be sure.

      Kenji's downward shot while in was meant to hold him in the air. I thought it was cool, and would make up for his low attack damage and rate of fire. But if it seems strange maybe I'll just change it so he falls normally.

      Opps. I'll give Bora some damage for her punch attacks.

      Thought I fixed the Seo-yun hit box issue, but I guess not. I'll try again.

      It sounds like an excuse, but because it's a short demo I didn't believe it needed a saving system yet. But yes, it can be frustrating to start all over because of bug.

      I'll see if I can work something out.

      I'm pleased you like the dialogue! It's a lot of work to write and then code it in, but if it drew you in, then it's worth it.

      Things are going to get much more interesting! Thanks again for the feedback.

    2. Hmm, I can't seem to find that text bug. Can you try to recreate it? Tell me who you are playing as, who you are talking to, and if you cleared wendy's and/or kenji's missions.

      I just gave Bora punching damage as well as made kenji fall when he does the downward shot.

      I think I'll put off the saving system for a bit longer. But I can change it so that if you cleared one of the missions but died on the other, you don't have to start from the beginning after dying.

      But game crashing bugs are another story. By the way, did you happen to press any of the number keys while you were playing in story mode?

    3. Kenji's downward shot wasn't weird for me I was just wondering, also if I just press the fire button and repeatedly tap it, the fire rate is a lot better then holding it down. Just thought I would point that out.

      As for the text bug it seems to happen when I play with any character and when I talk to any non playable character in their room. It first happened with the girl in room 407, then it happened with Philip. If you press the right or left arrow just before press up to talk to them it happens. It happened to me by accident but I'm able to recreate it pretty easily, I did it before I did any missions, but it has happened when I completed Wendy's mission. I get stuck in the running animation but the text is also popping up which doesn't allow me to press x to continue the dialogue.

      Also I don't think you need to worry about a saving system so soon. Like you said, it is a short demo it's pretty easy to catch up where I left off. But it would be nice to have one in the future when the game gets a bit longer and a bug happens that forces someone to restart.

      As for the number keys, I didn't touch them at all the first time. Now I have, is it like a quicker way to switch between characters? When I press 2 outside a hotel room it just spawns another Wendy holding her gun beside me. I can only change outfits or characters with the number pad inside a room, I don't know if that was intentional or not.

      I also wanted to ask why are the drawers in the first floor rooms blinking? I thought they were part of a quest for Kenji or someone else. I spent so much time looking for a pack of cigs for Professor Lopez.

    4. Hey thanks again for the feedback.

      Hmm, even though you explained it I still can't get the text bug to appear for me. There is an event I could try to add to keep it from happening to you, but it would take a while to add and double check it. As you know there is a lot of text.

      I'll get it done, but for the time being please hit the [Esc] key if it happens again.

      I had coded the number keys to quickly test the different code/characters in the game. I forgot to remove it, because it would mess up the game if used at the wrong time. (For example, you can't get the army uniform until you've talked to Shino the first time. So I thought pressing a number key to get the unifrom then talking to Phillip without even going to 407 might have caused the bug.)

      Anyways, the build I work on and the demo I put out are a bit different. I need to remove and delete things that the player shouldn't see. And it looks like I forgot to remove those flashing dressers this time.

      Sorry I made waste time looking for the cigs. They aren't added to the game yet. But in the meantime, try playing Kenji's mission and letting yourself die. =)

      Thanks again!