Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Demo #3.1 is now available for everyone!

Edit: Re-uploaded to fix a bug that displayed the wrong text in Sarah's room.

Click here to download the latest demo of the game. It's the same as the one posted a few days ago for my patreon supporters minus Li Hua and Nari. Enjoy!

But I haven't been sitting on my thumbs, as I have already added new stuff to the future demo 3.5. If you like this and want to get get 3.5 a few days earlier please consider supporting me. Thanks!


  1. Hey, just stumbled on your blog a little while ago. Downloaded the demo to try it out and i can't seem to get it working. After I double click the icon my mouse just shows the swirling icon beside it and doesn't do anything after that.

  2. I see. I never heard of that happening before. Are you running Windows? Did you try to open the game from within the zip file, or download it to your desktop then open it?

  3. This game kind of reminds me a bit of Pyro Studios' Commandos series if it's a 2D platformer with pixel art with its swap-able characters with different skills that add some puzzle element. So far the demo is still fairly short so I'm not too confident at becoming a backer but I'll definitely consider it if I find the later version to my liking.

    In current build the melee punch feels somewhat overpowered, especially for male characters who can't be rape KO'ed by enemies since gun fire passes right through melee range. Not sure if it's intended or a design oversight.

    As for the game play itself it's still a bit too early for me to tell as of current build. The mission is a bit short, and a lots of times both the obstacles and objectives feel they are a bit too token.

    To elaborate, in Wendy's tutorial mission we got both Seo-Yun and Young with their abilities which are required to solve certain platform puzzles (and in Young's case, deal with a certain type of enemy), and it just make the map feel very linear. I think it would be more interesting if you design the map in a way which has multiple different route to complete it, and allow player to choose optional characters to bring into each mission. This means even with only the main character player selected we can still finish the mission but depend on different side characters we bring we can unlock optional route, and completing side objectives net some actual gameplay reward in later missions to add replay-ability would make it more interesting.

    Of course, I'm just speaking from a player's perspective (who doesn't need to worry about how to code the game), so in the end just have fun develop your game. ; )

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment and review!

      When I first designed the game, the character's punching attack was meant to be a last resort when/if the player ran out of ammunition. At that point punching did the very lowest damage possible, 1. (Players and enemies alike have max/default of 30 HP.)

      When making Kenji's level I had to be sure that the player would be able to clear it even if they ran out of ammo. So I increased the damage his punches did. I liked the flexibility of being able to use firearms or punches to deal good damage so I went back and increased the damage for everyone's punches.

      Not being able to be grabbed by enemies while playing as a male hero was intentional. I thought it added a bit of strategy. Back when punches only dealt 1 damage, it acted as a safe, but tiresome way to defeat enemies. Some players might not have the patience to use this tactic, others might.

      However, after the damage increase, this tactic has become clearly broken. I have been thinking of a way to have the male heroes be in danger while close to the enemy, and thanks to your comment, I was inspired.

      So yes, I'm going to add a 'three grabs and you're out' system for male heroes as well. I will also give a character a new skill that will allow them to avoid getting grabbed from any enemy, but this character will only did 1 damage when punching. So those players that wish to play it slow and safe can do so if they like. However this will be a very rare skill.

      Although it's not officially labeled as such, Wendy's first mission is meant to be a tutorial of sorts. I needed to give the player an idea of what the gameplay will be like while not making the game too hard to understand.

      When I left my friends play test it a while ago, some said it was too hard, or they didn't know what to do. So I redesigned the stage I felt it was as easy as I could make it.

      Future levels can be as small or as large as I like, as easy or as hard as I like. The tricky part is that because I'm the one making the game I know the best way to go about clearing a mission. I need to make it interesting and fun, but not frustrating or boring. Good level design isn't easy.

      But one thing is that is clear is that I want to give the player a challenge. I want you to die. But I don't want you feel like you were cheated and want to toss your computer out if the window. If I do my job right, you'll just shrug and ask yourself what can you do differently to clear the mission.

      I have a lot of interesting things planned for the future. So if you're not impressed yet, you just might be later. Thanks again for your comment.

    2. Definitely reminding me more and more of Commandos by your comment and I think that's a good thing since we don't get too much game like Commandos, not to mention I always feel keyboard are better suited for slow and methodical game play than fast reflex challenges compare to controllers.

      As I said, the current build feel too short (and too linear) to fully demonstrate the full scope of your game so I think I'll wait a little bit longer to decide if I want to be a backer or not.

      Although since we are talking about backers... the $5 and $10 dollar reward makes me feel a bit iffy because currently it feels like you are potentially gating a substantial part of the game behind a monthly subscription fee (granted $10 dollar a month isn't too much when I have a fully time job) and it kind of leaves a bad taste since it reminds me of all the AAA publishers chopping up their games and sell them in different bundle to milk profit. Of course, it could simply just a case of me being over cynical (you do have to forgive me on that, I had become very cynical over the years due to big name publishers essentially pulling one dick move after another to milk their consumer base) and maybe those two characters are just glorified pallet swap with some existing characters.

    3. ....ah, I just spent a while writing a huge reply and then I hit 'sign out' and not 'publish' by mistake. smh

      Anyway, I just wanted you to know I read your comment and have taken your points under consideration.

      In the next build Yong and Kenji will be able to be grabbed by the enemy.

      Li Hua and Nari aren't palette swaps. If they were, I'd have more of their content finished already. Actually I plan to do the reverse; finish both of them then edit them to make new allies and/or enemies. These new characters will be in all versions of the game.

      I am playing 3 more playable protagonists; William (Wendy's twin brother), Bong Cha (21 year old female that's unrelated to Wendy and the others), and a secret male character. These 3 will be in all versions of the game.

      The game is free. Donating allows you play the game a few days sooner then those who don't donate. As well as unlocking extra characters. I totally understand what you are talking about, but the main draw of unlocking both ladies is the additional dialog.

      I do have exciting things planned for their battle missions, but if you don't like reading and/or aren't sold on my battle system(s), then maybe donating isn't for you. And that's okay. It's impossible to make everyone happy. However, the game is free, so you can continue to download my demos and possible reconsider at a later date.

      Unless the level is meant to be played solo, you won't be able to solo it. It defeats the purpose of having multiple characters. Because it is one of the many things that sets my game apart from other hentai games, I don't wish to remove or downplay it.

      While my game may remind you of a few standard video games, there isn't a hentai game that's quite like mine. And that's a good thing.

      However I am open to the idea of giving characters more (but not all) skills so that the player would need to swap characters less often. And I already touched on using different characters to achieve the same goal in Wendy's 1st level. Not much, but it's there if you look.

      Level design will get more complex in future levels, but the game isn't a metroidvania. I'm not saying there won't be huge levels, but the gameplay isn't focused on exploration and slowly becoming stronger by finding hidden items.

      I give you some characters with abilities and some ammo and say, 'clear this stage anyway you can'. You won't die because you missed an important item or didn't level up enough; it's one big puzzle. There will always be a chance for victory.

      So, I hope I addressed everything. Thank you again for your comment.

  4. holy crap... your back!? hell yes! i honestly thought u gave up on it or got killed or something man its great to see you working on this game again i cant wait to try out the new demo

    1. Hey thanks! Yes, I am back and the game is a million times better then the old version. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

    2. one thing im going looking forward to is evil female soldiers trying to rape the guy chars XD but to be honest holy crap the male chars are dicks LOL no offense and its funny to talk all the npcs in the game real funny with half naked lovers to XD i think only thing i would want more is just more ammo?

  5. Glad you enjoyed the demo!

    In the older demo I had a United Union soldier named Jack that was held captive at gun point by a male soldier while he had to lick the pussies of 3 different female soldiers in an endless loop. Haha Even if he enjoying giving oral to ladies, I'm sure his tongue would get tired sooner or later and it would end up being a form of torture. (I'm planning for him to a appear in Wendy's 3rd mission, as soon as I make it.)

    I think the whole idea of a female raping a male is a bit tricky; most guys wouldn't go 'no! get off me!', they'd be like 'yes! I'm so freakin' lucky!' So when I see that in other people's hentai games... I kinda roll my eyes a bit. I my mind, a cute half naked cat girl pushing you down and mounting you is a good thing. So why should that cause a game over?

    However! I'm all about customer service and I said that if it was within my power I'd consider it. So consider it I shall.

    Hmm.. I just remembered I had tried to tackle this issue before. And my answer was that rather then having the female grab and mount a hero, they would try to do a sexy pose and entice him. He'd ignore them twice, but on the 3rd time he'd give in and fuck her.

    Fucking her isn't a bad thing, in fact it might even recover his health like in GTA. haha However, I remember that I was going to have it suddenly go to a game over screen because while he was fucking her one of the heroines would be gang raped. Using that idea I can have hero x female soldier hentai animations and still punish the player with a game over.

    However , as you already know, I created a new enemy type that causes those gang rape images too appear. So I'd rather not use the same images again... hmm, what if she shoots him after they finish having sex? Then that's the same as him being grabbed by guys (sniper aims at him twice, then shoots and kills him the 3rd time.)

    OKay! I'm happy with this idea now! I'll try to add this to the game ASAP!

    1. Ah, about the ammo comment. I limited the ammo to encourage the player to switch characters when they run out. I later added the different player skills to encourage even more swapping.

      As you progress through the game, you'll gain more allies in your party, which also translates to more guns and more ammo. Of course I'll be adding more enemies too, but I'll be sure to give you enough ammo to clear the mission.

      As for Kenji's missions, it's possible to run out of ammo if you're not careful. So you gotta be smart about it and use melee attacks to save ammo.

      I have a few interesting ideas I'd like to try for Kenji (or any other character that goes solo.) But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

    2. Opps! I totally missed the point. smh The idea is the female enemy be the aggressive one, and not passively invite the hero to fuck her.

      Well I need to think of something different then an enticing animation, but the idea is the same; two failed attempts, sex, then she kills him afterwards. That's the plan.

    3. as long as i dont see the male char get shot after sex i think we are good but to seduce the guy then pin them down for rape/sex ya most guys would enjoy the crap out of it eh idk its fetish thing for me i guess reverse rape or for nicer terms assertive woman and huh i just be more careful when using my ammo i guess but man i cant wait see the next demo i cant wait to see what u do next

  6. oh and i think i found a odd bug when you start up the game the text is burly black and you can not read it. i wonder if its just me because when i 1st downloaded and play the game the text was ok.

  7. Hmm, that sounds very troubling. I haven't heard of anyone with that problem before.
    If it worked fine the first time, but there is a problem now maybe it's the resolution.

    The game was meant to played full screen and for the sprites to appear 200% bigger then their actual size. By double clicking with your mouse, you can play the game in a window. This window can be made smaller are larger by clicking and holding on the side of the window.

    If you make this window too small, you won't be able to read the text. Try playing at full screen or at least in a big window.