Friday, June 10, 2016

Current status

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  The next build still isn't quite ready yet. However, I haven't just been sitting on my thumbs;  Rather then reuse the background for the first battle (and well Kenji's mission), I changed it so that the player starts the mission in the sewers, advances all the way to the right, jumps upwards to the surface, then advances all the way to the right.  Once they get there they need to defeat the boss, a North Masian officer. 

So the level is basically the same size as the first mission, but because of how I designed the stage, it has a totally different feel. Although I think in future levels I want to make the stages even bigger and add a lot more enemies to face.

I have a lot of play testing to do to ensure this 2nd mission is bug free. But right now it's just minor things like adding sound fxs, making sure enemies take damage properly.

So once again, sorry for missing my self imposed deadline. But as you can see, the build is going to be better then what it would have been a few days ago.

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