Monday, July 4, 2016

Build 4.1 standard now available here for download!

Click here to download the standard version of the newest build, 4.1! Enjoy!


  1. ok i was going ask u what was new but i had to try for my self to find out what was new and uh... wow i wonder if its a bug but a lot my team mates on wendy 2nd mission had low hp also this corruption thing.... holy shit i was this in the last build? because uh wow O.o got to 100 and i got to admit i did not see that coming... now im going try again and see what happens if iget it to the 90s and stop but man! NICE JOB still cant wait to see how u get females to rape males but ya nice job man

    1. Hello thanks for your comment. The read me text file included in the zip will have a list of what's new.

      Starting the 2nd level and having low health is indeed a bug! Thank you for pointing it out. While your health will reset to it's max/default if you die and try again, it won't reset if you clear the 1st mission on your first try. I'll fix that ASAP

      3 out of 4 of Sarah's outcomes in are in the current build. 1 is from Sarah wearing something extra, another is C > 100, and one more is C = 100. So stopping at 90 - 99 won't change anything, but getting 100 or over 100 will.

      The female enemy officer can already grab Yong, Seo Yun, and Bora. This doesn't result in a game over, but rather, causes you to lose control of said character and the player being warped back to the start of the level.

      So if you just want to see those animations, stand close to her and wait for her to grab you.

      Thanks again for the bug report!

    2. so sarah has 3 outcomes... i found 2 jeez... one of them surprise the f out of me and other one at 100= max pretty much right? bc i got that ending... now how the heck do i get other one XD and the female enemy officer can get u huh? hmm... got to play safe then

    3. corruption = 100 and corruption = max aren't the same thing. You'll notice that with each sex act corruption will go up, but it's not random. With [Read] it goes up by 3 points, [Watch] is + 5. [Sex] and [Anal] are both + 10. So if take it slow and add up the numbers you can get 100 points rather easily. Of course if you end up with 101 or more points the counter will display MAX. ..maybe I should change the word to OVER?

      Anyways, have fun. I'm busy working on her 4th outcome now.

    4. and just as i type that i found out the 100 thing... i feel stupid now for asking but is it pose to only have 2 scenes at 100 C?

    5. It's meant to have more, but I didn't get a chance to make those hentai animations yet. The hentai line art is ready to go, but I thought it would best to add them together as a set. So that's another thing I need to do, later.

    6. ah all right then and i got female officer to rape yong! now we just need all female grunts to rape him to XD with a cum scene maybe? but ya this was a great update man i just wish you where more know your game is great kinda hard... but worth the work!

    7. Sure, I'll see what I can do. You might not have heard, but I am thinking of making Yong more useful by having his stripping a ability as a type of '1 hit kill' move vs female enemies. Of course I need to set some limitations so he doesn't become too OP.

      Glad you enjoyed the update!

  2. so now what do plan on making this? a save file? a gallery? (since i can see the baths some how being use for that maybe having fun with apple?) more missions?

    oh! and is their way to get cigarettes? i been looking all over -...-

    1. Hey sorry for the late reply.

      The next build will have a save system. Only one slot for now. I want to ensure it's bug free before adding more slots.

      I'd like to add more content for Apple soon, but I can't say when.

      Nope no cigs yet. I know it can cause some frustration, looking for something that's not there. But if you check the read me.txt you'll know what I added or not.

      Right now I'm working on Bora being anal raped by the ballcap enemy. I though I had finished it already but I guess now. Also thinking about adding a dick girl. And then I need to write more dialog and more Li Hua and Nari content.

      So yeah I'm very busy. Anyways, thanks for your comments.

    2. hey you being busy means you working hard on the game so i dont mind XD just wish you where more famous so we could get people help you out

      huh a dick girl at least she can rape both male and female gunts then
      but heh bora the lesbian getting anal rape didnt expect that from ya.

      but man we need dim sum to get laid already im starting feel bad for her XD