Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Current Progress 7/21/2016

Hey, how is everyone doing? I'm busy as always, but I want to talk about what I've been working on;

1) Saving/Loading is (finally) in the game. There is only one save file for now, but starting a new game doesn't overwrite your progress.

2) Bora can be assaulted from the male enemy with the ballcap from the 2nd mission and beyond. (You remember the difference between that guy and the helmet enemy, right?)

3) Fixed a bug that prevented everyone from freeing Bong Cha

4) From the 2nd level, characters using guns will have their amount of extra ammo reduced by 50%. Characters that use stamina will be unaffected.  This change is to encourage the player to make use of character swapping more often and to increase the difficulty.

A) Working on adding a new female character for story mode. Although her role in the game is very brief/minor, she is directly  connected to Sarah's 4th outcome. Seeking this 4th outcome, you will not be able to unlock Phillip, however...

B) Thinking about adding a guest list to make it easier to for the player to know who is in each room. Of course, this list needs to be updated after captives are saved. (As a side note, females that have been saved will appear in the female bath first before appearing in a room.)

C) Adding a dick girl. As always, playing as her will be totally optional. Even if you're not interested in chicks with dicks, she will have an very interesting backstory.

D) Planning to add dialog for Bell Honda, who is in room 303. She is Wendy's co-worker and best friend. She is also the daughter of the MILF that Kenji saves in his first mission.

E) Well try to remove the 'preview' status from some of the alt outfits. Alt outfits allow for more and different dialog when talking to NPCs. They, like Sarah for example, could also lead to different outcomes.

So that's what I did and am working on now. As always, if you have any questions or comments ask away. Thanks again for your continued support! 


  1. is it weird im the only one who comments on your blog?
    but hmm futa girl i really.. really want seen a gallery now just to see some guys fucking the futa XD i cant wait to see the 4th outcome sarah

  2. Hello. Yeah, most of the people that are willing to leave comments are my supporters on my Patreon page.

    Yeah the 4th outcome will be very different from the other 3, so I think it will be worth the wait.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi i'm new around here and I really loved your game! So far i could only get Sarah's scenes with her son and one milf with Kenji.

    There is more scenes or thats it for the current update?

    Thanks for your work, I really loved what you've been doin' with this game and I look forward for the nexts updates!

    PS: Futa is awesome, I would enjoy to see some futa fucking the women hahaah

    1. Btw, when I get the Sarah and Son "good ending" there is only "Watch" and "Read" scenes, is this normal?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello! Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. You know, your messages reminded me of something; I totally forgot to upload the latest build for non supporters! doh! smh

    But don't worry, I am planning to put out an old new build in less then 24 hours!

    There are going to be a lot more hentai scenes in the next build, I can promise you that! So please look forward to them.