Monday, February 16, 2015

Another update

Howdy. I thought I should post another update, so here goes.

I changed the opening scene so the player can jump right into the action. Before Wendy had to talk to her father before before the player could advance to the first battle. Needless to say, if you couldn't find him and talk to him, you were stuck.

So I not only took him out of his room but also made him the person you talk to launch missions. I also made the hotel smaller by placing the rooms' doors closer together. This translates to less time the player spends running around.

I am nearly done adding the first 'family party system' I was talking about in my last post. There will also be two more playable characters; Wendy's older and younger sisters, Bora and Nari.

This family party system starts the player out with Wendy and 3 other characters that are related to her by blood. These characters all have either special skills that are required to clear the mission and/or personal goals they need to preform.

Here is a quick list of the family members, as shown in the picture from left to right;

Mr. Park 
non playable
talk to him to start the next mission

Wendy Park
skill: blowing up brick walls with bombs
goal: recruit two enemy soldiers to her side
weapon: grease gun

Mrs. Park
skill: sliding under low platforms
goal: n/a
weapon: kung ku

Bora Park
skill: on missions with poison gas, she dons a gas mask. can safely travel and fight in gas filled areas
goals: n/a
weapon: machine gun with affixed bayonet

Yong Park
skill: double jumping
goal: steal 3 panties from female enemy soldiers (yes, seriously lol)
weapon: assault rifle

not shown
Nari Park
skill: n/a
goal: murder 3 enemy soldiers that have surrendered
weapon: twin knifes

So as you can see there are 5 playable family members. But the most you can have at any one time in a mission is 4. So on different missions I will mix up the party a bit, to keep things interesting.

Currently I have a mission with Wendy, Seo-yun, and Yong fully playable. I am planning to post a new demo once I get Bora finished. I need to finish her animations and her code, but hopefully I will get her done in a week or two. It really depends on how much free time I have.

In other news, this is Yok's OC, Lady Aurania. I agreed to put her in my game as a playable character. In exchange he will draw exclusive Lady Aurania art to help promote my game.

As you can see I already finished a basic sprite. She is actually really easy to animate so I should be able to add her soon.  Of course I haven't forgotten about other people's OCs I have offered to add in the past. Then again... if the owners of those other OCs can't even be bothered to leave a message on my blog... can't say I am in a rush to finish them.
So to recap; everything is moving along smoothly. And now I should get to bed. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Double jumping for fun and profit

So I just added the code to allow Yong (and only him) to double jump. I also slightly increased his normal jump strength. This ensures that he can get to areas that others can't.

Glancing over my last post, I realized that as it stands most players will just shoot the female enemies, not being aware I busted my ass to make a striping system (and optional rape animations). But there is an easy fix for that; put the female enemies in places only Yong can reach. This greatly increases the chance of the player triggering the stripping animation.

Of course after double jumping your way up to a high platform as Yong, you can always swap to a different character and shoot the female enemy. And Yong has a gun of his own. But I think being smart about the placement of enemies is important. I need to give the player a reason to double jump or Yong becomes just another dude with a gun.

Anyways the cargo boxes in the screenshot will be replaced with a better looking platform. That was just to quickly test the code.

I decided that Seo-yun will be able to slide under low platforms. And she already has a move that can one hit kill male enemies as long as she has enough Ki/Chi. (Rather then having ammo, she has a limited amount of Ki/Chi that allows her to do very powerful melee attacks.)

But what about Wendy? To be honest I am still not sure what her special skill is. I have a lot of ideas, but I can't really decide on one. Being the main character, I think she needs something really amazing.

And then I was also thinking of adding a 4th and final playable family member. I am leaning towards Wendy's younger sister, Hana. But she would also need a cool skill as well.

Hmm, need to brainstorm some more..

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Street justice

In nearly every hentai game in which you control a heroine, there is a very high likelihood she will have her clothes ripped and/or be raped. ''Well, duh. It's a hentai game.'' But what if you flip it? What if you played as a male hero that could strip and fuck female enemies?

And with that in mind I present to you a new character, Yong Park. He is Wendy's older brother.
While I am still in the process of finalizing the gameplay details, I can tell you a little bit about him. He will be the only character to double jump and he will be armed with a M16. As I said above, he will be also be able to liberate females from their tight military uniforms.

The reasoning is a guy that can both fearlessly stare down the barrel of  gun and rip off your clothes with his bare hands isn't someone you'd want to pick a fight with. Yong forcing these enemies to surrender would save the player ammo they would have spent trying to  shoot the enemy normally.

Enemies that has surrendered are no longer a threat but, they count towards your kill count. (You might remember my game has set goals, such as 'Kill all enemies'.) 

But they problem is being a rapist really isn't Yong's style. But the player might not give two damns about that and want to rape all the female enemies he sees. So my solution is a total optional rape button. The rape animation will only occur is the player presses it. And it will be a few keys away from the default action keys. That way there is little chance by pressing it by mistake. 

This the act of Yong forcing himself on a woman is what could be called 'extreme fan service'. In other words, no matter how many times the player causes the animation to appear, Yong, the character would have never actually done it once, story wise. 

When making hentai animations sometimes it just easier to magically remove some of the female's clothing beforehand. Because she is often in the process of being raped, one would assume her clothes were ripped off prior to the animation playing.

My famous 'fuck her standing up' animation had the female totally nude. I was proud of how I had made her feet animate, to be honest. lol But then it hit me; would a rapist remove a female's shoes and socks before doing the deed? 

So I thought I'd try to draw the female still having her shows on but with her pants and panties pulled down. Thankfully, the pulled down clothes down obstruct the view of the violation. 
I commissioned Miyu Nagase to draw two game over pics of Seo Yun. One after being killed, and another after being raped. Here is the death version;
He gives me a good deal on black and white drawings such as these. I already added it to the game, even though Seo-yun's sprites still got a long way to go, the code is in place her here to get both game overs. 

And that's about all for now. I hope to have a new and greatly improved demo out next month. But working a full time job now, it's hard to say. Later!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Back again!

Greetings to whoever is reading this. After not updating for a decade it seems, here is an update.

 Balinda Pryce, my music guy's character, is just about finished. All that's left is her captive animation. Being a allied soldier, she is a design that I needed to finish anyways. I also plan to do a palette swap and edit her into a new enemy type.

In addition to walking up to a ally and hitting spacebar to swap, you can now also press the [V] key to cycle though available characters. This new feature largely eliminates the need to backtrack though the level to swap characters like you need to in the past.

With the game's title being Bond of Blood, there was a surprising lack of family unity in the game. Sure I had made Wendy's mother a playable character, but what about the rest of her family? And is merely making them playable the answer?

Well taking a cue for Lost Vikings, I plan to have Wendy and a few members of her family not only be playable but also have a unique skill or ability. For example Wendy will be the only character that can double jump. Her mother will be under to slide through small tunnels. I plan to have two more playable family members.

Wendy and the 3 family members will always be available at the state of each level. And because you have clear goals such as 'save all captives' or 'kill all enemies', I will redesign the levels so that player has to swap characters to get to all the targets. 

Again, like Lost Vikings, if any of the four family members die, it will result in a game over. The main reason for this is that player doesn't because stuck and unable to clear a level because the character they need to swap to has already died.

Captives you save can still be used. Moreover they can fall in combat without resulting in a game over.

I am currently working on add Wendy's mother to the game. I had already added her to an early build of the game, so it's not like I am starting from scratch. However, adding the two other family members will be a pain... but I gotta do it. By the way, you'll cycle though family members with the [A] key. 
I have improved the 'standing up while fucking/raping' animations. I something that always bothered me was that a normal guy couldn't hold a woman up by her arms and fuck her like that. Unless he was superman, the woman's weight would be an issue. 

The new version if a bit more believable as he now has his arms wrapped around her hips/thighs. I am happy with the change, but it means I need to go back replace all the old versions with the new version.

In case you forgot, Wendy can be grabbed by the enemy and have her clothes ripped off. The 3rd time she is grabbed she get's raped and it's game over. Currently she is the only one with the extra gameplay. (In other words, other female character's don't get raped or have their clothes ripped.) However, I plan to change that. Her mother and sister(s) would also have the same gameplay.

Ideally, I'd like to do it for all female characters but that would take forever. On another note, I still have forgotten about the idea of having an allied character that can strip female enemies.

A major hold up has been writing the dialog for all the characters. Lately I have been considering 'dumbing down' the story so there would be simply less to write. I love drama as much as the next guy, but I am reminded of the fact there are people that just want to play the game to see boobies.
That and the time I save I can be drawing or coding.

So there you have it. It's good to be back. I hope my next update won't be so far off, but who can say. Please leave a comment if you are still interested in my game. Thank you.