Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bond of Blood - Text heavy action platform hentai game

Bond of Blood
 Dialog heavy, action platform hentai game

Story, dialog, programming, & pixel art - Tetsuya_shino
Music - James Opie & Grouchy
Artwork - Tio_Cao, Rduke_design, DoodlePoodle, Kayo, & Nagase
Special Thanks - Steve, Patreon suppoters, Chaos680

Hello there, I'm tetsuya_shino. I'm creating an action platform hentai game that is quite different from the ones you may have played before. I've always found it rather strange that you can only see hentai images and animations if you take damage or die in most hentai games. It's like rewarding you for being poor at the game.
My game, Bond of Blood, takes a fresh approach from your basic action platform hentai game, while at the same time offering many game play features you wouldn't expect.

Plot & Setting

The game takes place in the fictional country of South Masian. Ruthless enemy soldiers from the North have suddenly invaded, murdering, and pillaging to their heart's content. Wendy Park, the main protagonist, fights to protect her family, free captives, and to liberate her town from the occupational forces.
Taking place in a modern setting, it's not about slaying ogres with a broadsword, but rather killing Communist invades with a sub machine. There are a slew of real world firearms in the game as well as heroines that use martial arts. Limited physic powers and clone soldiers are the only real fantasy elements.


Bond of Blood has two main gameplay modes; story mode and battle mode. In story mode the player will control Wendy as she walks around her parents' hotel, which acts as a base of sorts. She can talk and interact with many NPCs. To Include family members, friends, allied soldiers, normal townsfolk, and former enemies that has been convinced to switch sides.

The player can even take control of different protagonists, then discover all new dialog from the NPCs. If you like hentai games with drama and humor, you're in for a treat. However, I designed the game so the player could skip it all and go directly into battle mode if they wanted. Read as much or as little dialog as you want.

Bond of Blood's battle mood is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Start off playing as Wendy and members of her family, each with their own stats. There are no power ups. And with limited ammo, health that doesn't recover, and unique character skills, the player is greatly encouraged to swap out heroes. It's fun and in some cases necessary, if you want to overcome some obstacles.

All heroes and heroines can evade enemy fire by 'hiding' into the background. You can also use a melee attack and reload at any time. (Assuming you have any bullets left.)
Some missions has objectives you must meet before you can clear them. Others have a sandbox feel and you can come and go as you please. Additionally, some heroes are exclusive to select missions. I try to go the extra mile to keep things fresh and interesting.

On most missions there will also be captives you'll need to save. The poor soul is being tortured and it's up to you free them. But afterwards they don't just thank you and disappear; freed captives join your party! Moreover on the main quest, your party will get progressively bigger with each stage.


Make no mistake, this is a hentai game. However, seeing animated pixel sex during battle mode isn't the only xxx scenes to be had. There are hidden hentai illustrations to be discovered in story mode. And some male characters can gift female NPCs items to, *ahem*.. get on their good side.

My wife drew the illustration you see here, however there are other artists contributing art work as well. The game also features music from two different composers. All pixel art is by done by your's truly, and I pride myself on never using stolen sprites or tile sheets.


I am confident that if you try Bond of Blood you will be hooked. Give the demo a spin and tell me what you think. If you walk away impressed please consider supporting my project. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

RE: Bond of Blood (trial)


The link below is for a Bond of Blood reboot pitch. You play as the main heroine as she talks to NPCs in her family's hotel. (There are no battles here or hentai scenes.) There is all new dialog, which both gives new insight while also making the story line less convoluted. I've removed a few redundant characters, while adding a few new exciting ones.

Although I feel this reboot is a great improvement, I have not yet applied it to the master game file. So if you play the reboot trial I would appreciate it if you left comments as to if you enjoy the reboot trial more, or prefer the current BoB story line.

Thank you.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Version 12.5 is up for Patreon supporters!

Supporter build v12.5
[Angie's level]
*Reduced the number of item boxes and corpses top side. Added more in the sewers.*

*Allowed the player to recover energy and advance to the next day by pressing the up 
arrow on the bed in Angie's room.

*The scenario can be cleared! With 1 good ending and 4 bad endings. (Although the level 
is complete in a sense. A bit more content will be added to it in the near future.)

[custom guy's level]
*Fixed a crazy bug that caused Angie's idle animation to appear as Kenji's. (wtf?)

[Wendy's 3rd level]
*Disabled Gwen, who is still a work in progress. 

[Yong's scenario] 
*If you married Ushi you can now request the cowgirl desire from her.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bond of Blood build v12 is out now for Patreon supporters

Bond of Blood build v12 is now out for Patreon supporters!

*Rewrote Kayo's hotel dialog so she no longer breaks the 4th wall.
*Added Angie as a playable character in the Park Hotel.
*Created Angie's scenario, which is about 80% complete. While you can't
sleep in her bed to advance to the next day, you can make use of the
'rewind icon' to reset your progress. In this manner you can demo Angie's
level. (You save file and progress on other levels is unaffected.)

And there you go. While it might not appear like much, I have been slaving away on this for well over 45 days. So please enjoy it. The other 20% of the stage will be completed in the near future.
For the next build the main (but not only) focus will be on finally allowing Yong to advance to the next game day, regardless of who we married. This will be a huge undertaking but I know everyone is looking forward to it.
If you enjoy the game and/or you think you have discovered a bug, be sure to let me know. Thank you.

p.s. There isn't a new public demo this month, but one should be out next month. Thank you.

p.p.s. Greetings. I was made aware of a few bugs so I want to put out a ver. 12.5 soon. However, this is also a good time to allow more progression on Angie's level. Or perhaps even complete it. I aim to do this within the next 48 hours. Thank you.