Monday, March 28, 2016

Finally!! New demo available!

After seems like ages, I have decided to upload a new demo of my game. This demo includes both a story mode where you can talk to npcs (as well as swap protagonists to get different text) and one battle mission.

click here to download

When in story mode, press the up arrow to talk to npcs. Some npcs, don't have any text. This isn't a bug, I just didn't give them text yet. On the other hand there are some characters with a lot of text. (Try playing as Sarah and talk to her son Phillip.)

The battle mission allows you to play as Wendy, her family members, and other allies to take on the evil North Masian soldiers that have surrounded and invaded her town.

There are goals that must be met in order to clear the mission. Different allies have different skills, and the player needs to swap between them in order to advance.

Press and hold the [V] key to bring up a character select menu. Hover over the character you want, then release [V]. You can also walk next to the character you want to swap to and press the spacebar key.

In order to save captives, simply press the [C] key to do a normal punch attack. Freed captives can be then used in battle.

Wendy has a skill that allows her to convince two enemy soldiers to switch sides. These two new allies aren't directly controlled, but rather run along side Wendy and mimic her movements. This doubles or triples her fire power. (While standing on the ground.)

Bora doesn't have a skill, and has weak defense points. However, she can't be grabbed by enemy soldiers, and when she shoots her gun while laying on the ground she doesn't take damage.

Yong can double jump... and steal female's panties.

Seo-yun can slide under low platforms. She also has a '1 hit kill' move vs male enemy soldiers. Can you figure it out?

 If you download the game please leave some feedback. Doubly so if you've think you've  found a bug.

If you're thinking, 'this is all you've gone done?', I actually have the 2nd story battle nearly finished as well as Kenji's first side mission. Those missions, as well as more content will be added to the next demo.

Anyways, Enjoy!