Friday, May 27, 2016

Almost there...

Hey everybody. I'm about 95% finished with Wendy's second battle. This is the main thing I want to push for the next build.  I need to add two more Enemy soldiers that Wendy can recruit as well as finish animating Bong Cha. (The young woman shown above.)

At first I was going to give her a heavy machine gun like Bora, but at the last moment I changed her moveset to be based on hand to hand combat, like Seo-yun. So it will take longer then first expected to finish her. However, I have a feeling everyone will love playing as her.

Don't forget that I play to make Bong Cha playable in story mode after you clear the mission.  This is interesting because she will be one of the very few playable characters in story mode that's not related to Wendy or Kenji, etc. So it will make for some interesting conversations.

The 2nd captive that can be saved in this mission is  mythComplex's OC Cassie. She is armed with a huge anti armor rifle that can two shot kill any normal enemy grunt!

I have at least two more OCs from artists planned.  Yok's Lady Aurania and N7 Vega's Vince Tan. Look forward to them in upcoming builds!

I hope to have the next build out on or before the 7th. It's not going to take a week to finish Wendy's 2nd battle, rather I want to make sure that my supporters have a good amount of Li Hua and Nari content. But trust me, things are only going to get bigger and better from here!