Monday, October 30, 2017

Current status

Greetings. While I had a lot of distractions both online and off, I think I'm making good progress. I hope to get the next Standard and Silver tier reward tier builds out tomorrow or the day after.

This screenshot is from Pharaoh's stage. As I said before, he level is an heavily edited copy of Yong's. The most obvious meaning this has to the player is the 'desire system'. By pressing the [d] key, the player can cycle though 8 different options. Let's compare Yong's and Pharaoh's desires;

Yong's desires

0 - none (basic greeting, no animation)
1 - masturbate to porn
2 - masturbate to stripper
3 - play with tits
4 - handjob
5 - blowjob
6 - doggy style
7 - stand up fuck

Pharaoh's desires

0 - none (basic greeting, no animation)
1 - dance (non hentai animation)
2 - sexy dance
3 - handjob
4 - blowjob
5 - pussy grind
6 - cowgirl
7 - doggy style

Because Pharaoh's sprite is so much smaller than Yong's, I couldn't simply have him to do the same animates as him. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was forced to brain storm and think up new animations he could do.

If you've seen the 3 Pearl x Thomas hentai animations, you should know what to expect. The dancing animation is something new. Don't expect too much,.. but I think they will have their own charm. I plan to make more of the females be able to dance in a future build.

So, does this mean you can see all these animations at the start of the game? Nope. This is a game, so I need to make you work for it. Just how many hoops you need to jump though really depends on the female npc you are trying to request the desire from. Getting a hand job from Camilla, who was a former hooker, would be easier than trying to get one from Queen. (For obvious reasons.)

Because Pharaoh's stage is still a work in progress, you'll only be able to request the dance animation from the npcs on his stage for now. In a future build I will code the conditions to allow the player to active more desire animations.

One more teaser I will give; Pearl Fisher will be both playable in battle (as she was on Thomas's and Sarah's levels), but also be an npc you can request desires from. So if you're the type of guy that had fantasizes about screwing your best friend's mom, I think you'll enjoy her inclusion to Pharaoh's stage.

Of course, his scenario won't just have hentai pixel animations, but illustrations as well. Kagemaru19 is currently  providing most of the artwork for this level, and additional art from other artists is also possible. (Although the player might not be able to see any hentai art because the coding/unlocking isn't in place yet. But next build for sure.)

And that's all for now. Hopefully I don't have any major issues, and I can get this out soon.

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